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  • Ngd

    ? uI ? ? I recently picked up a Jackson American series sl3 on clearance over Presidents Day at GC in Savannah. I had been eyeballing it for a year or so there but never pulled the trigger. Anyway I went in during the Presidents Day sale and it was 1699.00, sold!
    It needed the fretboard conditioned and strings.
    This is my 1st Jackson and I'm REALLY impressed. So much so that I've ordered another a Pro KV. The KV got here yesterday.
    The finish on this is awesome and really kinda different than what I would expect a satin finish to be if I had ordered this sight unseen. But the finish is what kept drawing me back to it. For lack of a better description it reminds of a skateboard finish from the 70s, maybe Kona? Which to me made it even cooler.
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    If there are pictures I can't see them...