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Jackson pickups: USA vs MIJ

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  • Jackson pickups: USA vs MIJ

    Hi guys,
    So now I've tried most Jackson pickup models, but mostly MIJ versions (I think - they were in MIJ guitars anyway). I'm wondering if anyone has noticed any differences between USA and MIJ. Here's a list of what I've tried in what guitar(s) and what I think of them:

    J50N (assumingly MIJ) - Soloist Standard (Japan domestic) 1993; Soloist Arched Top (Japan domestic) 1991 (fixed bridge). One of my favourite neck humbuckers ever.
    J50N USA - USA Soloist Archtop - can't really tell a difference to the MIJ version.
    J95 USA - USA Soloist Archtop - great, versatile pickup.

    The following I have found to be not bad (to varying degrees), but not great. The J80 and J80C seem to me to have a weird frequency curve/peak.
    J50B - Soloist Jr. (Japan domestic) 1990 (also have one coming in a Charvel SDK).
    J80 - Soloist Standard (domestic), Soloist Arched Top (domestic, fixed bridge)
    J80C - 750XL
    J200 - Soloist Jr. - not bad, but not very versatile - does not clean up nicely.

    Then there's the J100 which I've had in Soloist Standards (domestic) - I think these are pretty shite.

    The Charvel SDK I have coming also has two F6 blade pickups - that should be interesting, I hope.
    I'm yet to try the J50BC, J90, J90C, or J100XL.

    To reiterate, would love to hear your thoughts on USA vs MIJ. As you can see, I only really like one MIJ out of a bunch, and like both the USA pickups I have.

    Here are some sound clips.
    J50N (MIJ), J80:
    J100 (even though I dislike these pickups, this turned out pretty good):

    I also have a J50B video somewhere...

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    Perhaps little is known about USA vs MIJ pickups? I wonder if maybe the pickups from my MIJ Jacksons were actually USA made...