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Back after many years! with question about pricing US RR before local trade (France)

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  • Back after many years! with question about pricing US RR before local trade (France)


    It has been many years I haven't post. I lost my old mail originally used to create my account and my password; and more importantly, I lost interest in guitar playing and metal music over the years. Recently I play more blues and jazz; and I'd like to sell my 1985 RR. I have a guitar shop near from home that can keep it in consignment.

    How much could I expect? / should I ask?

    It's only to sell local. I don't want to send this guitar oversea... I don't have time and energy for now.

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    "ring ring..ring ring.. hello doctor I am sick, what is wrong with me?" <- No offence you sound like this

    How can we price check your guitar without photos that shows its model, condition, finish, features? If it's a student (dot inlays with) dents and bad horns, sell it for 1000€ . If it's a custom shop with crazy porn finish in pristine condition, sell it for 3000€


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      In the US, a store will buy it for $400-650. And then turn around and sell it for as much as possible - which makes total sense, since they have to pay rent on their building where people come to see products, and they have to pay employees to sit there, and then they need to clean it every time someone plays it (Windex ain't cheap). etc etc

      Consignments are typically a percentage. They determine a sale price, they sell it, they take 30%.
      Or you take an agreed upon price once they sell it, but they are free to sell it at any price.

      Here's the issue - buy low, sell high.
      If you go to a store and they have "the best prices in town", they aren't going to offer you much. They need to make money. You can't expect them to buy at the highest prices and sell at the lowest. Selling low means buying even lower.
      Of course, the inverse isn't always true - just because they sell for more doesn't mean they buy for more.