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Can someone help me understand the market for two super rare Jackson guitars?

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  • Can someone help me understand the market for two super rare Jackson guitars?

    Hi Guys,

    I've not posted here in 15 years but I used to trade and play Jackson and Charvel guitars a ton back when I was a freshman in college. Looking back I have 2k post 14 years ago LOL. Anyway, I'm old and married now and I'm thinking of selling off my collection. I have some really cool pieces I've kept in a climate controlled room in my parents house for basically ever. I've been out of the game for a long time now and see USA RR1's going for 8k?! on eBay. Can someone figure out how to price two pieces? I figured at least you all could appreciate these.

    First is a super early San Dimas Jackson with a Gibson V body and beautiful navy blue paint. It has chips but is all original including old ass Jackson hardcase.


    Second is my rarest piece. It's Jackson RR003X (sub 3) Rumor has it that Rhoads himself smashed 1-29. I've never seen an existing earlier example. I'm not sure if I should donate this to the rock and roll hall of fame or sell it.

    It was refinished by GMW Guitar works back in 2005ish with period correct NOS Jackson logo with original hardware. My two main guitars are both GMW's that I built with Lee Garver over a summer. This was a special project done to the highest standards.


    Can someone clue me into the market? Even if just a ballpark? Big thanks to my wife for modeling the guitars.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Hey Paddok, welcome back! Unfortunately, the JCF doesn't have the traffic and posts like it used to have years ago. But there are still a number of us who still hang around. I remember talking to you about the blue roundhorn V years ago and still have the pics you sent me of it. Very cool guitar as is the black Rhoads. As for the prices, IMO there are sellers out there asking crazy prices. I find it hard to believe someone is actually paying $8k for an RR1. I've seen an 87 Jackson firebird on FB marketplace for weeks with an asking price of $4,500. Not sure if that has sold or not. Firebirds are rare so it wouldn't surprise me for something like that to sell in the $4k to $5k range. But highly unlikely to bring in $8k - again, just my opinion. Hope that helps and good luck.


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      The Flying V will be hard to get a bead on. These are really rare. The question comes down to demand. There are two polka dot Jackson Rhoads Tribute flying Vs (not a rhoads offset v, the same body style as your flying v) that have been sitting around for a long time without selling.

      As for the Rhoads V, I would probably list it around $4,000... if it were all original. There was a 1983 RR custom model on reverb that sold a year ago for around $4,500.

      Yours is student model that has been refinished and has a replacement logo. That tanks your value as a collectible. No reliable way of knowing what someone might be willing to pay for a refinished low serial 1983 RR. You just have to list it and see where it goes.

      I wish the Rhoads V were all original. I would be interested. As it stands, it is not a collectible and I would not want to insult you by making an offer for it as a “player” guitar.
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        If you are interested in RR’s involvement in the development of the Rhoads V, you can read more in this post:

        Short of it: the first 4 Jacksons built were ordered by Rhoads. Two were delivered and two were being built at the time of his passing.

        One of the undelivered prototypes was accidentally sold at NAMM to a guy named “Mike”. Mike traded that guitar for an Aria and as a result it came into the possession of Sean Clegg.

        The other was supposed to have a Floyd on it but had a neck angle issue. After RRs passing this guitar sat incomplete in limbo until it was purchased by Rob Lane who had Mike Shannon address the neck angle issue and mount a VTrem on it, thus completing the build. This guitar ultimately ended up in the possession of JCF forum member:

        Randy passed in March 1982. RR0001 was produced in 1983. For that matter Jackson did not start producing any serialized guitars for sale to the public until 1983.

        Rhoads did not “smash” 1-29. He could not have. During Randy’s lifetime guitars RR0001-RR0029 were nothing more than lumber drying out in storage.

        Here is # 0025:

        Kirk Hammet owns #0005 I believe.

        According to Grover, Rhoads could not stand to watch when he was rough cutting the body for the second v. That does not seem like a guy who is capable of “smashing” 29 guitars.
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          Originally posted by paddok View Post
          I've been out of the game for a long time now and see USA RR1's going for 8k?! on eBay.
          There's a difference between asking for and actually getting.

          I can ask $1M for a guitar, but it doesn't mean I'll get it. I usually see sellers from Japan asked 4x or more for their gear as to what they actually go for.


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            Sent you a message!