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Jackson Dk 1 Snow white

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  • Jackson Dk 1 Snow white

    Hi Guys, just wanted to share one more of my Jackson Guitars,
    I saw it the day before yesterday when checking the classifieds
    ​​, brand new, 650€, with case, so I had to get it, the next lowest DK 1 begins at 1400€ in the used market currently (which is relatively high).
    Here are the pics from the seller, but I have it here, already played it for a test, it's really nice. I am thinking about swapping the position of the emg 81/85 combo, but it already sounds quite fat for an emg 81 at the bridge (through rocksmith, so to be taken with a big grain of salt, but that's my normal practice routine, so a good comparison for me), but at the same time a little narrow, pressed in the frequency range, like it is normally the case with emg.
    Maybe I will add a battery in the electronics cavity and try it with 18 Volt.

    Jackson DK 1 Snow white

    What is your experience with newer Jacksons?
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    Congratulations on both the DR2 and DK1. I assume no repairs were needed on these two guitars.

    I would encourage swapping the EMG-81 and EMG-85 around but that's just personal preference.


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      Thank you, yes, those where fine, and no repairs needed.
      The dr2 having minor paint wear because it is the graphite finished one, with an outstanding wood grain.

      So currently I have the RR1, SLS, DK1, Fusion "Don't Smoke", DR2 and a few Japanese ones, Stealth Professional Pro, Dinky Rev Pro(the last Pro with real Mother-of-pearl Sharkfins) , SL4, SLSMG, Dkmgt.
      I just cleaned and restrung the DK1, but forgot about the pickups, I am not sure I can swap them while stringed.


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        Congrats on the DK1. Big fan of white guitars.


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          Very solid collection! Right up my alley, since I myself tend to gravitate towards American and Japanese manufacture.

          Since you've already restrung your guitar, I've swapped the pickups with the following procedure:

          1) Unlock the locking nut.

          2) Severely slacken the strings.

          3) Lock the locking nut.

          4) Open the backplate.

          5) Remove the tremolo springs.

          6) Lift the Floyd away from the body and set it on the table next to the body.

          7) Swap the pickups.

          8) Reposition the Floyd on the trem studs.

          9) Reapply the tremolo springs. It might help to back the tremolo claw away from the body (remember how many counter-clockwise screw turns you apply) so that it's easier to stretch the springs from the claw to the sustain block. Then return the claw to its original position (same number of screw turns, but in the clockwise direction).

          10) Unlock the locking nut.

          11) Tune your guitar.

          12) Lock the locking nut.

          13) Fine tune if necessary.

          14) Replace the backplate.
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            Oh yes, you are absolutely right, forget about this possibility!
            Thanks a lot for giving this absolutely clear advice,
            I will swap it before I will play it next time.


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              Love Dinkies and love white guitars. I have a 2018 DK1 in Snow White. It is my #1:


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                I finally came around to swap it, it is really fat and meaty with the emg 85.