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    HI! am just looking for insite upon an older Jackson sl2..specifically a 1997 sl2 that i owned back then and sold.i really liked how that 97 played for my playing style(thrash,speed metal,finger soloing). so I am looking for something that is similar,currently. I have chatted with Jackson via phone and they specified the pro soloist is the closest I can get to that model. otherwise it is the sl2h for 3000.00. after hours of research, the 1997 sl2 has a poplar body. the pro series has a mahogany body,and the current usa soloist sl2 has a alder body. what is best body wood for speed metal/thrash/soloing playing? I am just confused about the woods made for that guitar. I guess I am just searching for a Jackson guitar online used or new with the same sound as the 1997 without the price of 3000.00.

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    Hi, I own some Soloist, including the old SL2 of that era.

    Mine is the SL2S, it’s the version with also sharkfin inlays, black.

    Yes, you’re right, it had poplar wings, while for the following models they went for alder, or mahogany in the “mah” version.

    But other differences were also in the Armstrong pickups and the Takeuchi low profile bridge.

    The neck profile and body shape/dimensions are absolutely identical to the following SL2H.

    I changed pickups to mine a couple of time over the years; the first time was to install the TB4 and SH1n, with the result to have almost the identical sound of an another SL2H (year 2002) that I own...a bit a bit a bit clearer, but it was a difference that you could have noticed only with the two guitars compared at the same time and with a clean (or very light overdriven) sound.

    At the moment it has the ceramic TB5 and the Jazz SH2n, I think they enhance much more that model.

    If you liked so much that guitar, I’d say to go with a second hand SL2H, so that you’ll have the same playability;

    If you’re also looking for the same identical sound of your old could try to find an old couple of Kent Armstrong pickups...but I think they’re not necessary at all cost,keep always in mind that the sound of two guitars may not be identical, even if they are the same model.

    The theory says that every wood should have its own characteristic sound, if I can tell you my opinion, I think there’s not a “best wood” for a specific metal style, the final sound it’s up to you, the other pieces of your equipment, and how well your setup works inside the mix of the band.