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Jackson Soloist - Custom shop - Tribal Flame 2006

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  • Jackson Soloist - Custom shop - Tribal Flame 2006

    Hey I was just wondering about this guitar. I have had it since 2007, its an unplayed Mike Learn graphic Soloist.
    I have not seen any other like it, apart from 1 other Soloist (with a floyd rose) and i think there was a batch of 5-10 Kellys with the headstock also painted with flames.

    Just wondering what its current value would be roughly.

    I was orignally made for Music Messe (the order sheet in the case says name - Messe) and has a USA select body serial number, despite being grabbed and used for a 'master built' model.
    I think someone grabbed it at the show and later sold it to me on ebay.

    Its untouched and only been wall hung, just a few light plays every now and again. Literally no marks whatsoever.
    If anyone knows anything interesting about these that would be cool.

    This is the exact model on Ed Romans site here -
    7th down from top. The top pickup cover was replaced upside down. But its a 100% match.

    Appreciate your guys knowledge!

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    I thought those were some small batch run that Learn painted. I've seen other USA select guitars that Mike has done some graphic work on. Have you tried to email Mike Learn directly to find out more info on the batch? He was cool to deal with when he did a refin for me years ago and he was always helpful when he used to hang out here.


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      Well im currently looking to sell this guitar as its something i do not play. I notice jackson USA models are now all custom shop BTO now? Is that correct?
      I could used to walk into a small store near me and buy one of several off the hook or order a USA select within 28 days, but now even the biggest stores only sell import models and have a 1 year + waiting list for USA models.
      Can you even specify graphics now? The form i saw only allowed specific classic finishes.
      Does Mike Learn still do work for them?

      Sorry ive been out the Jackson loop for a while.


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        They still make a very limited number of production (USA Select guitars), I think just in black. Everything else is pretty much Custom Select (pretty wide option list, but not 'everything', graphics are included) which is about a year wait. As far as I know they're not accepting MB orders right now.
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