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1991 Custom Soloist

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  • 1991 Custom Soloist

    That's the original owner in the pics

    It's in really good shape for its age and I've already cleaned up the bridge and the frets. I've never had a JE-1200 before and I'm not sure the controls are all wired original. He swapped out the bridge switch with a 3-way that I haven't figured out just yet.

    If I wanted to put the wiring back to stock, anyone know where I can find a switch that matches the originals?

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    Very cool axe! Always liked that graphic.

    I've got a 91 soloist with the JE-1200. The production ones came with the usual 5 way Fender blade type pickup selector and the three knobs.
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      It is a J serial number. I think it is supposed to have the 3 individual pickup switches, but I could be absolutely wrong

      The neck and middle switches look right for the time.


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        I didn't notice the other two toggles there, my bad. Now I get what you're referring to.

        Sorry I can't be of help. Years ago I looked for one of those mini toggles because I had a dinky with the bridge one replaced with one that didn't match. I was never able to find one.


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          Super cool. Saw this listed - would have bought it in a second if it wasn't a lefty. Seems wrong to complain though considering how often lefties have to say the same thing. I normally hate all graphics, but this is THE one that I actually want!


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            Maybe look at "Frets on the Net". Dave (owner) has a lot of Jackson restoration parts.