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How many Grover Jackson's existed in the 80's ?

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    Floyds are great, but there is a learning curve necessary to set them up properly. If it was set up a full step down, you're gonna need to tighten the spring claw... adjust tuning... until you can get the baseplate mostly level with the body, then might need to adjust the post height to get the relief you want. Or you can take it to a luthier... most charge around $50 for a setup.

    As for Jimi? If he were around when Floyds came out, he'd probably be rocking one.

    The unfinished neck? Just treat it occasionally... lemon oil, caranuba wax, beeswax, Howard Feed-n-Wax is probably the highest quality product... the Fender cleaning kit is also fairly good.

    Also, probably might want to get one of these...
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      Originally posted by ps43203 View Post
      I am happy for you Nik and glad your happy to get a hold of your baby. It is sad what has happened to Jackson especially. Charvel, will probably be just fine. The unfortunate thing about Charvel's, is the vast amount of clones and the dishonesty regarding those. Jackson's are nowhere to be found out in the real world. You won't see any in GC or any local guitars shops. Jackson's always need to be ordered. There was a time when they were plentiful in shops, I wish I was older then and had the cash to get a few, but now they seem to be hoarded, or just kept in the dark. I wish I knew some of the major players, but I don't aside from one or 2. All I want is an Ontario DK1 and I have pretty much given up, because they are nowhere! The forum here also seems to have really faded over the past few years and not getting any better, probably due to what Xeno described. I had no clue, lol. Anyway, It is what it is, right? Hopefully they will be a return soon.

      Looking on the bright side, I am in a few other guitar groups, specially on FB..and at times it becomes a bit tiring to hear the same chant over and over the make "F...." is the best ever, etc... From what I have seen so far there is no best make of anything..there are periods in time where certain makers have excelled..and others haven´t . Most brands live on their name only..that may be a good thing for Jackson as they have never reached a broad there is no name to ride on.. An insider guitar ? Kind of..yet what most comes to mind is how Jackson forms a part of guitar history , not in the past sense but more among what Grover and Charvel actually did for the electric guitar as such.


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        I agree that nowadays the custom select program actually kill the value of the old/second hand jackson custom. I would spend a little bit more to spec the guitar that is exact what i want other than buy a used expensive jackson custom!