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  • Kelly ID

    Serial J008983
    Reverse Sharkfin Inlays
    Professionsal on headstock
    JT580 double locking trem
    Duncan Designed pickups
    Bolt-on 24 fret

    It has a large (.5CM) dent in the neck, that looks like it has been dropped on a table or something. One scuff that goes through finsh on large horn.

    What model, how much?

    [ December 12, 2002, 05:41 PM: Message edited by: Aaron Fox ]

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    Re: Kelly ID

    Seems to be a used KE3 if it still says Professional on the headstock. They stopped putting Professional on the headstock only within the past couple years.
    BTW, anything that says Professional is Japanese made. I hate how they stopped using that designation on the newer models.
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      Re: Kelly ID

      I'd say it was made in 95/96 around there , ask Greg Crowe he should know .//Steve


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        Re: Kelly ID

        and I wouldn't pay more than 300 with a case for it ! try to get it for 250 ! lol ! //Steve