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  • Neck/body compatibility

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if someone could give me some advice or direct me to a sticky on import body/neck compatibility, such as among the Performer/Concept/JS/DK lines.

    I want to build something rather straightforward--basically a black HSS DK2 like what was available a few years ago as a production model but without the Sustainiac. If possible I'd like the regular sharktooth inlays and a regular six in line headstock. White neck binding is nice but not necessary.

    I have built an import RR3 with a Schaller Floyd Rose, chrome pickguard, and Seymour Duncan PATB-1 set from parts in order to recreate the RR3 imports that used to be available as production models from the 90s-00s. I used a 22 fret sharkfin Dinky neck and it worked perfectly. I know that the necks and bodies have to be matched to either 22 or 24 fret necks and for scale length, but aside from that I'm not sure what determines compatibility. I worry that the neck pocket will be too small/large and/or the screw holes won't line up exactly.

    The import HSS lines Jackson has out now like the DK3s are somewhat much for me. They are very brightly colored, or they have reverse headstocks, or they have started turning the sharkfin inlays upside down so they look more like Ibanez inlays, all of which I think look ridiculous. Pink and lime green? It's like it's 1985 at Fender.

    They do have an HSS design like I'm looking for in the import Soloist line, but it's black with a maple fretboard and black sharkfin inlays. I've thought about getting it but I want this guitar to be more Strat-like. For me, Soloists are great for soloing, but I like the snappy, bright response of a Dinky for HSS stuff even though the neck joint can be chunky.

    Older imports from the 90s-00s are going for insane prices on Reverb and Ebay--about double what they were originally worth--just because they are old. I don't want to pay $1000 for an import guitar that might be worth $200-400 when I'm going to replace the hardware and pickups anyway.

    The closest build-it-myself solution I have found is something like a black Performer/Concept body and hope that a Dinky neck works. I have also heard of Kelly necks and bodies being used interchangeably with Dinky parts, but I haven't tested this myself.

    I can find Dinky HH bodies everywhere, but HSS stuff is harder to find. A JS body would be fine, but I need something with a Floyd/Schaller route.

    I never thought finding or building such a plain HSS DK2 in 2022 would be such a pain, but apparently it is.

    Thanks all.

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    I know for a fact that DK and DX bodies have a 2 and 1/4 inch neck heel width. I'm pretty sure the Performers do too. The neck plate bolt pattern is Fender style. If it's a Jackson or Charvel neck with a 2 and 1/4 inch neck heel width it'll fit. Make sure if swapping necks you swap a 24 fret neck with a 24, and a 22 fret neck with a 22.


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      Kelly and dinky neck's are switchable as above stated they are 2 1/4 in and I've put a kelly neck on a dinky body. I have a black (dinky) HSS body that I'm not using.

      Added: most if not all guitar necks you mentioned are switchable besides newer stuff maybe. Older JS series would work, don't know about the newer stuff.
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