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Reverb listing: anyone knows which model this is?

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  • Reverb listing: anyone knows which model this is?

    Direct mount HH pickups, ebony board, MOP logo, Professional series, fancy top....

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    a mutt maybe? a dr3 body plus a fusion pro neck?


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      I would be inclined to side with metalhobo. I am strugging to think of stock guitars that had a combination of high-end trim (ebony/MOP) with mid-range trem (Takeuchi JT580LP). When you think of the Professional Pro guitars which all had ebony/MOP, they always had the Schaller JT590 as a bridge. Hence, a mutt makes sense.

      I wonder how well the guitar intonates, given the Fusion Pro neck was 24.75" scale length and that DR3 body is meant for a neck that will intonate to 25.5".

      Here's a DR3 with the same finish and black hardware:


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        Yeah, I thought so too.
        not a word about it in the listing, I wonder if the seller knows what it is...


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          It is a mutt. He said so in the listing.

          24 fret 24.75" scale Fusion PRO neck bolted to a body I'm not familiar with - you guys say it's a DR3 so I'll agree.

          I've personally found if you stick a 24 fret neck on a 24 fret body, it will intonate. One of my first Jacksons was a Fusion PRO neck on a KE3 Kelly body and it correctly intonated.

          I'd guess the same using 22 fret necks with 22 fret bodies, although there was never a 22 fret short scale neck to verify.


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            Either I didn't read the Reverb ad's title and description at all, or the seller added the clarification about the guitar being a mutt only after I posted above.


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              yeah he definitely amended the listing


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                He added that info after I first saw the listing.
                I wanted to message him about it, but it was already sold.


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                  I've never seen a DR3 with that finish, most were ash and you could really see it. That one in the video is really nice looking. I've noticed a lot of guitars that were mutt's for sale because of big prices.
                  I know the old saying that the value of an opinion is generally inversely proportional to the strength with which it is held.