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Humbucker Pickup Mounting Ring request

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  • Humbucker Pickup Mounting Ring request

    My 97 Jackson Warrior (Japan) up and cracked her plastic neck mounting ring while in her case. I am so mad at her.

    97 Jackson Warrior damage<--- click to see her

    I contacted a Jackson dealer, who said they don't have the old parts for this "very old guitar". Which makes me more mad at her.

    There is a sea of mounting rings online, but I haven't the faintest idea what dimensions I need. StewMac looks promising, but I don't know. I measured the neck mounting ring at 2mm high, and the bridge mounting ring is 5mm high. I'm looking to replace both mounting rings, and simultaneously install replacement Seymour Duncans (I have the Duncan Designed Invader-style "HB108" pickups at present).

    Anyone have the dimensions I need, or direct-fit replacement mounting rings that won't require me to drill holes?

    Greetings from The Netherlands
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    They are basic hum rings you can buy the flat one's or slanted ones depending on string height 1 and 3/4 by 3 and 1/2 inch email fretsonthenet if you want something specific. I'm holding one in my hand right now that factory. i'd buy the flat rings though
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      Yes, just the standard ones. Make sure it’s flat and not the ones for archtops. And no it’s not from 1997 if it’s a WRXT.
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        I had a broken neck pickup ring on my DX10D I recently picked up. A couple of sellers on eBay give very good measurements and I was able to use a micrometer, measure mine out and match it up to a good used one on eBay.


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          my rings used to crack all the time after too much abuse, I swapped them to metal ones so it should last longer. just get flat humbucker rings and the same dimensions as yours it's not a big deal to swap it.


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            Following up on this topic:

            I do indeed own a Jackson Warrior (sub-model not known, WRXT or WR1, etc, idk) from 1997. She's a bolt-on neck with double-locking Jackson "Floyd Rose licensed" tremolo, and she for the most part has been a joy to have.

            I bought a digital caliper, and now have the results. It's not a professional caliper, so it's not 100% engineering accurate. I'm posting this to help other Europeans or Americans that are searching for measurements to their 1997 Jackson Warrior pickup mounting ring dimensions.


            Neck Pickup Mounting Ring Size (Outer dimensions):
            88.5mm (Length) x 44.5mm (Width) x 2.5mm (Thickness)

            Mounting Screws Distance:
            80mm (Length) x 36.5mm (Width)

            2 Height screws Distance:

            The bridge pickup mounting ring is the same, but the thickness is 5mm.

            As an American now living in The Netherlands, I have chosen to post in metric, because c'mon guys, get with the rest of the world

            Thanks for the input on this post, I appreciate your time.
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