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  • What I Have Learned

    First off,
    Thank You All
    for all you do to keep up with the History and debunking you guys have done and continue to do.
    I have browsed through some threads and quite a few posts in the
    Import Jackson topics.
    Still way more to read, and so much to comprehend.
    I do understand that the SN does not necessarily mean the Year of manufacture.

    I belive DK designates a Dinky body. I think DK2 designates a change in pups, from HSS to HH.
    An M after a Model Name means Maple -- Body top, or Neck.

    I saw in Wikipedia the DK was 2006 - 2010, then returned in 2012, and is still produced.
    My guess is DK2 came out in 2012.
    What I think is an error in the Wikipedia is it says something like
    ~ All DKs have a Maple unpainted headstock ~
    The backside of my 2 are unpainted, but the fronts are Black with the white
    Jackson logo.
    I may be nitpicking or just over thinking that.

    Please point out my mistakes, and if you would, please point me in the right direction.
    I am no spring rooster, and have a long way to go to learn.
    I browse sometimes at work when I can and sometimes when I get home.

    Thanks To You All

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    You are all messed up with the DK2


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      Thanks pianoguyy

      More for me to look into when work is slow.
      Pass some time and learn.


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        Most of the problems are Jackson's fault. (except the wikipedia stuff. that is the fault of wikipedia. wikipedia is a cesspool)
        And, also, things change over the years. Which means what may be correct this year is not correct for last year.

        others can come and add to this, but for the most part -

        DK designates the Dinky body. The letters came about the same time the other letters came (SL, RR, etc)
        The numbers reflect the "model".
        M is usually maple. But could also be Mahogany or Marble (finish).
        T is usually a bridge designate. But sometimes it is Tremolo and sometimes it for string-Thru
        S is usually Sustainer.

        DK2M was designed as a DK2 but with a maple fretboard. Yet, somehow it got an HH configuration instead of the HSS the DK2 had. Which was really sad because the cheaper (X and JS) models had HH, which made the DK2M look less like a Japanese Pro and more like Indian junk.
        Of course, DK2 now has HH. A quick look at the site makes it look like all dinkys have HH.
        *I think the earliest dinkys had HH, but I could be wrong about that.

        There was a DK2 that was made in America. But for the most part, DK2 is an import.
        Stuff like that only adds to the confusion of the SL, because there is the SL1 which is the US model and the SL2 which is the import. But the SL2H isn't an SL2 at all, it is an SL1 but with HH (two humbuckers - 2H, get it?) instead of HSS.


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          Originally posted by pianoguyy View Post
          There was a DK2 that was made in America. But for the most part, DK2 is an import.
          The DR2 was made in America. I don't recall there ever being an American DK2.
          I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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            I swear one of these days there's going to be an Onion article entitled "Breaking News: Jackson Rep: Model Names Meaningless."

            anyway, a very concise, thorough, and up-to-date resource member mechayoshi has put together for identifying models is this:


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              Originally posted by toejam View Post

              The DR2 was made in America. I don't recall there ever being an American DK2.
              maybe that is what i was thinking. or sl2. or rr2. or.... who knows. their naming schemes are all messed up.


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                Thank You!
                I remember seeing the link before, but I could not remember where. It is in a Bookmark now.
                Going through it will be an interesting time.

                I Greatly Appreciate Your Patience.


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                  I think the US model designator for production Dinky is DK1 but USA Custom Select and Masterbuilts follow a different naming convetion, and the imports model designator is DK2, DK3, etc. I could see where the Custom Shop naming convention would cause confusion, but I do not think a DK2 and DK 2H are intended to represent the same model.

                  For my Custom Select USA Dinky the model is JCS DK 2H FR Snow White where DK is Dinky, 2H is two humbucker, FR is Floyd Rose, and Snow White is the instrument color.

                  This naming convention is used on other Custom Shop orders I have under way:

                  JCS DK 2H FR Bing Cherry Trans: a Dinky with 2 humbuckers and a Floyd Rose in Bing Cherry Trans.

                  JCS SL 1H FR Grafitti Yellow: a Soloist with 1 humbucker and a Floyd Rose in Grafitti Yellow.

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                    Thank You For The Info!

                    DK1 = Made In USA

                    Custom Select // Master Built = JCS DK
                    [ Pups and Bridge determined per Customer Order ]

                    So, on a Certificate, it would seem as though every
                    Custom Select and Master Build would be designated as

                    JCS Body Style Description

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                      DK1 = Made In USA


                      Well $!-!it

                      I was looking at some pics of DK1s on TheWebz.
                      Reverb pops up with a Black DK1 MIJ.
                      HSS pup layout.
                      This can be True? Or is someone, like myself, not understand what they have?
                      Trying to make some extra $ ?

                      ( ETA )
                      Unless I have not understood CaptN, and my
                      Dyslexia is acting up, did NOT see any
                      MIJ DK1 in mechas castle.
                      .. I do have an issue with Dyslexia ..
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                        There was no import DK1. The late '90s USA HSS DK1 had 22 frets and gold hardware, flame maple tops. The later DK1 is HH with 24 frets.
                        I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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                          People get Jackson models mixed up very easily. I have actually send messages to sellers on reverb a few times to correct them. DInkies and soloists get mixed often then you see the Dinky soloist very often. Also dinkies and fusions get mixed all the time. Offcourse some of the sellers try to get the most money of their guitars so they might "mistakenly" mix the models. But most of it is just ignorance and maybe lazyness for not doing their homework.

                          Also the later DK-1 HH came with EMGs.


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                            Good info!
                            Thank You Guys!


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                              Japanese DK2's ran from '98-2011. They were HSS.
                              Chrome hardware from '98-2005, black hardware from '06-'11.

                              Japanese DK2M production models ran circa '06-'10. Most were HH with black hardware, though some exclusive versions may have had memory is shot.
                              There was also at least one single humbucker DK2M exclusive model.

                              After MIJ production ended in 2011, the DK2(M) has changed specs dramatically.
                              96xxxxx, 97xxxxx and 98xxxxx serials oftentimes don't indicate '96, '97 and '98.