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NEWBIE HERE..ProSeries DK2 Help

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  • NEWBIE HERE..ProSeries DK2 Help

    Hey here to this forum and looking for some info!

    I just picked up a Pro Series DK2 for $400. It has a 3-bolt neck on it...most of the Pro DK2's I've seen online have a 4-bolt neck and don't seem to be available in this color. (the guy told me it is "Rocket Red" but it's like a bright neon orange really - I wouldn't call it Red!). I really wanted a Slime Green one...since Dweezil Zappa's "Having A Bad Day" album I've wanted some kind of slime green Jackson!

    A few questions...

    Is this a 2019 model? (I went throught the Jackson archived catalogs on the website...they stop at 2018, and then jump to 2020...couldn't find a 2019 catalog there!)

    This one should have an Alder body, graphite-reinforced neck and Ebony fretboard, right? (Not Okume body?!?)

    Did I get a pretty good deal at 400?!? (It looks brand new)


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    Whats the start of the serial number? It might give a clue as to when it was manufactured.


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      If I remember, the 3 bolt is a fairly recent invention
      Like, just in the past decade.
      **Good lord, am I now talking about "the past decade" as being "fairly recent". How fucking old am I.

      On my 2016 Charvel, Rocket Red looks very much like an orange street cone.


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        Should be a 2019 model.
        I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.