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Refret 2006 MIJ Dinky DK2 - help ID fret size

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  • Refret 2006 MIJ Dinky DK2 - help ID fret size

    I like the jumbo or super jumbo frets on this guitar, so I want to get same spec. fretwire for the replacement.
    I will try measuring, but if anyone knows if there was a standard model used, etc., please do tell.

    I have a bit of ski jump at the heel and am considering a refret.
    I noticed the slightly higher heel end when I did a fret level, and was having a hard time getting a flat neck via truss rod when starting this.
    But, I didnt realize this until afterwards not achieving the lower action.
    The frets are ok, but the action is a bit higher than I like.

    So, I am ready to pull the frets, true up the neck and re-fret.

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    Dunlop 6000 Ex Jumbo frets. I would get the same size in Jescar Stainless steel.