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gotta say i'm a big jackson fan and a NGD!!!

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  • gotta say i'm a big jackson fan and a NGD!!!

    So I've had my dxmg for a while, but ran into a used jackson i'd never seen before. thought the body shape was a little odd, but it grew on me quick. my only question, is why no inlays on the neck? i had never heard or seen a dominion, but as soon as i picked it up, i was sold.

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    Welcome to the forum, and congrats! The MM Dominion is one of the most comfortable shapes sitting or standing. As to why that one has no inlays, no idea why they did it on that particular model.

    I got my Bourbon Burst the first year they came out, 2006. I sold it like a year and a half ago after not playing it for awhile. I do miss it at times. The thick necks are really nice.

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