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Vibrato Bridge question

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  • Vibrato Bridge question

    2018 JS32 Dinky DKA nato, Jackson Licensed FR onboard.
    Has anyone switched one of these for an OFR or even an FR Special?
    Are they compatible for a one to one swap?

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    The Dinky is a JS32, the forum won't let me edit my post.


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      There is a rumor on this forum that the trems on the current Jackson JS Series are actually Floyd Rose Specials, so don't bother swapping for a Floyd Rose Special. But because the Floyd Rose Special has the same dimensions as an Original Floyd Rose, an Original Floyd Rose will fit with no problems, and that would be an upgrade.


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        It does look like one, and I have to admit it works pretty well.
        I'll keep using it for now.


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          I agree it should work well. The only differences between the FR Special and the OFR are:

          FR Special: Zinc saddles, zinc sustain block
          OFR: Steel saddles, brass sustain block

          If you wanted to upgrade your FR Special to OFR spec, swap the saddles and sustain block. Steel saddles are harder and longer-lasting than zinc, and a brass sustain block "should give you more sustain and tone" compared to a zinc block.


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            I believe FR1000 saddles are compatible, I'll have to find out what size sustain block I need.


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              The 1000 Series Floyd is interchangeable with the OFR and FR Special. I should have included that. The 1000 Series Floyd is identical in materials and dimensions to the OFR (everything made of steel including the saddles, and sustain block is brass), but simply made in Asia instead of Germany.

              The really strange thing is that the Floyd Rose official website no longer lists the 1000 Series Floyd as a project, despite it still being equipped OEM on many guitars. The website only lists the 1000 Series Pro Floyd (low-profile version).

              Your guitar will likely have a 32mm long sustain block. That's the "default" length for guitars that have recessed Floyds. You can either check your sustain block for a number that is stamped to it, or better yet, measure the length of the block to be completely certain.