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Jackson Kelly Pro truss rod cover

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  • Jackson Kelly Pro truss rod cover

    Hey guys
    So my addiction for guitars hit me again.
    I have a 95 Kelly Pro but it has a replacement truss rod cover. I found someone who makes a replacement one but he needs what font it is. He told me to go to
    I have tried to find it but too many options. I left a message on their forum for help. Nothing yet. My other Kelly Pro has the orignal cover so I have it for reference so click to see please
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    Hey there, what I did was go to this site : I googled "What is this font?"
    And u upload an image and rotated it. The thing is that there's no font it could find thats exact, it appears to be a custom font just like how Jackson is a custom font that they made (original). The closest is Quendel bold but it's not it..

    Well anyways please tell us when u get an answer! Jackson won't tell, as they don't want people forging fake guitars in China lol :P


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      Ty for the help my friend
      I will keep you posted.


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        Sure man, good luck! And does this guy who makes logo covers have a business or just someone u know locally?


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          He has an online store on Ebay.