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NGD / SCORE / PICS: 2006 Jackson SLSMG Soloist, black (CAD$299 + shipping + tax)

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    Originally posted by LaoWai View Post
    I’ve seen one of these stripped
    Funny you mention that, the next most recent SLSMG to be listed in my area went for CAD$500 (if I recall correctly) and the seller stripped the finish and applied his own stain. I left it alone because of the combination of butchered look and unwarranted price for a guitar without its original finish. What a terrible waste of guitar...

    You and I were fortunate to get some great-priced SLSMGs recently. Like you, I would not hesitate to add a second one to my arsenal at the right price.

    Originally posted by LaoWai View Post
    The nut slots on yours are a bit deeper, on mine, the low E is poking out a bit, A is flush, D-E are inside. I haven’t had any tuning issues.
    I would consider taking some meat off the top, if the string height is already correct
    Makes me wonder why there's this inconsistency with nuts! The plot thickens.

    Originally posted by Mudlark View Post
    Did you get my message, NOTP?
    I did, thank you! And I remember I replied to it, asking about the seeming non-existence of black bone nuts, but my Sent box has no record of it! Very weird.

    Originally posted by Mudlark View Post
    I've grown to love piranhas on ebony.
    I like it too. The size of the piranha inlays makes it "less obvious" that they are not real mother of pearl. I'm actually OK with that. With full-sized sharkfin inlays in plastic, it's very obvious they are not mother of pearl.