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NGD - Jackson Warrior Wrmg with a cracked neck

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  • NGD - Jackson Warrior Wrmg with a cracked neck

    roll it dice

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    If you're not comfortable trying to repair it yourself or can't source a reputable luthier, I would suggest try finding a used neck in the Classifieds or eBay (be wary of fakes on eBay).
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      I will attempt to repair the crack - i am allmost confident it will work
      If the repair doesnt go according to plan, then i will be on the search for a dkmg neck - the reverse headstock would look killer.


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        I am glad to report the repair is done and it went without any troubles.
        Do you have any advice on which pickups would be the best suited for trash/death metal tone? The Emg 81/85 just dont work well in this Emg equipped Kelly Std crushes it in comparison...even Ps-4 sound better...
        I am shure some of you guys tried some different pickup configurations...


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          Have you tried putting the 85 in the bridge and the 81 in the neck. Many people prefer them that way.
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            Congrats! How did you go about repairing the neck? Any photos of the process, or at least some "after" shots?