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Info and feedback on Jackson Roswell series

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  • Info and feedback on Jackson Roswell series

    So I know there is the Aluminum series $10k.
    But theres also the Black regular edition. Looking for some details or feedback. I know its Mij but looking for more info. One is up for Sale locally. Might make a nice addition to the other Jackson Rr's I have.
    Ty guys

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    I hesitated to respond because I've never actually owned one. But from memory having played a number in store back in the day:

    * they are fairly light, to the point that I remember a bit of neck dive. Not excessive, and if you have your picking arm resting on the wing, shouldn't be an issue
    * the painted neck felt a little thicker than other import Jacksons of the time. Not by a lot, and it may have just been my perception
    * the inlay work could be a little sloppy. Not too bad but there'd be a bit of fill around those intricate crop circle inlays
    * rosewood boards were always kind of light. Not a dealbreaker unless you insist on a really dark fretboard
    * Duncan Design pickup
    * otherwise, played like a Jackson should - compound radius board, good fretwork
    Hail yesterday