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HELP PLZ: need info and id for my guitar

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  • HELP PLZ: need info and id for my guitar

    i have custom import s/n 9707448
    What I need is a picture,info specs, and the price for it new.
    since Fender bought out Jackson all import info was lost and fender dropped the ball
    I found all the info about 3 years ago but i didn't save it and now its gone
    if someone can help me find this info would be greatly appreciated

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    Only you can provide a picture and info/specs since you own it. How would we do that?
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      Unfortunately, the serial number on its own reveals nothing about the model or specs. As a starting point, a 7-digit serial number starting with 9 indicates Japanese build in the 2000s.

      At a minimum, please describe your guitar (its features, shape, etc.).

      Better yet, take multiple photos of it and upload to a free image host of your choosing (


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        Blaming Fender right off shows how much about Jackson you don't know.
        Prices varied from shop to shop so quoting a price is not easy.
        You need to take a few pics of your guitar if you want it ID properly. We don't know what you have until you show us.
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          Just send me the guitar and I'll be able to id it.
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            If it has a 'Professional' headstock logo it'd be a '97, if no logo it'd be circa 2003.
            A pic or very detailed description will be needed to ID it.
            96xxxxx, 97xxxxx and 98xxxxx serials oftentimes don't indicate '96, '97 and '98.