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  • Jackson Fusion Professional

    A friend is offering a professional fusion for trade but I have a couple questions about it. The body has a yellow to orange sunburst and the neck seems to have a lot of build up or an attempt to put some kind of protective coat over the back of the neck. The neck binding has turned orange or has the protective coating over the binding. Also the word "Professional" is orange on the headstock. I have never seen the logo as the body color, just in white.

    It seems legit and I have a USA Fusion to compare it to. The import has the inlay Jackson logo, Schaller Floyd, full neck binding and the J1200(?) electronics and appears to be an ebony fretboard.

    1. Did the neck have some kind of coating from the factory and would it turn orange (my USA does not have any kind of coating)?
    2. Could the Professional logo be the same color as the body?
    No honey, I have always had this Jackson....

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    As I was trying to take pictures of the logo, the camera kept making the "Professional" logo white. Looking closer, it seems the clearcoat is tinting the logo to look slight orange.

    So really only one question, did these necks have a factory coating that tended to turn orange?
    No honey, I have always had this Jackson....


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      Possibly. Need some pictures.


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        I have one that is orange burst that has thicker clear on it than my other ones. I would not say its turning orange but that one i think had been a case queen.

        They're awesome geets but I would be pretty surprised if someone faked one. Maybe parts mutt, but if ebony board mop sharks and professional on headstock in MOP it'll be a legit neck.