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  • Model 7, NGD!Av7Tu9yrli2Hg-hINTPzrZshe_eKjAHi guys!
    I’m a member here since almost 20 years but unfortunately I had to make a new account due to sign in problems…

    Anyways… Today I bought a new guitar. A model 7/Legend Charvel. Have googled the hell out of it but wanted to get some more info. Anything is appreciated. But mainly I’m looking to confirm the year of production. -91 the store said.

    I also wanted to share some pics of it. It is in amazing condition for approx 30 years old. Barely a scratch. Almost all screws seems to never have had a screwdriver in them… Neck pickup says ”jackson”. I suppose it is a J120? Haven’t checked it’s bottom plate yet.

    Serial: 355984

    Cheers /Jonatan
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    Score..... Congratulations
    Action Jackson


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      Thanks buddy!!


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        Originally posted by jonatanbergmusician View Post
        I suppose it is a J120? Haven’t checked it’s bottom plate yet.
        Probably a J100... I don't see why it wouldn't be?

        Action Jackson


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          Nice guitar. That has always been the one that got away. A local pawn shop had one back in the '90s when I first started playing. Didn't have the money at the time.


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            NIce, but that's actually a Legend, not a Model 7. The Model 7 does not have the "toothpaste" style logo.

            This is a Model 7.
            I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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              NICE Model 7! Isn't that color called Wine Mist or something similar? I had one the same color except had a Model 2 neck. Sold it to my bass player a few years ago for cheap, since it was far from original.
              M7_Pink by catzodellamarina, on Flickr

              I also have a real Model 7: "The Skank". This is one of my main live guitars, mostly used for drop D. Here it is with all the Charvels I own. The green CS "Dweezil" is my main live guitar; a numbered small batch run some of us old time JCF members ordered.
              3_Charvies by catzodellamarina, on Flickr


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                Very nice score on what looks like a minty Legend. Here's a catalog scan from the 1989 catalog with specs.