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immobilizing Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge?

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  • immobilizing Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge?

    Forgive me if this is sacrilege to some of you guys, but my Charvel So-Cal Style 2 came with a Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge, and I wish to immobilize the bridge so as to play it as a hardtail. I failed whammy bar school, OK? I have the spring screws tightened, but when I bend a note by finger, the bridge plate still comes up slightly, lowering the pitch of other notes. My goal is that this guitar remain as perfectly in tune as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    you tightened the screws? doesn't that guitar have a recessed route under the bridge? what did you do to prevent the bridge from being pulled into the route?


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      Thanks for the reply, Metalhobo, I will take a close look when I get of work.


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        tremol no or trem stopper


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          you don't need to buy anything to block a floating bridge. you can use a small block of wood. I've even used a stack of coins taped together and affixed to the tremolo block with double-sided tape


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            OK, metalhobo, I have it opened up and I see your point. The string tension is what's keeping the bridge from being pulled into the recess. After I had tightened the screws, I dialed in the intonation, so there's no ring length problem.

            paranoid, I looked at the tremor no and it's a great device, but as the metal block under my bridge is perfectly sheer I am going to cut a hardwood block as metalhobo suggested. I hope it doesn't dampen the wondrous sustain and ringing of this bright guitar. Sincere thanks, you guys, I'm on my way. Getting my micrometer out now.


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              I have the feeling we are talking about different things.


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                Sounds fancy for a non-fine tuning bridge

                510T series does not follow conventional vintage style, but instead pursues the goal of greater tremolo functionality. It has a low clearance arm system of our own design. To guarantee a strong and hard-wearing tremolo blade, extremely resilient chromium molybdenum steel was adopted for the plate. It’s finished with high-grade heat treatment and precision machining.
                There are a 6 pivot point type, the same as the synchronized style and a 2 pivot point anchor nut type, which incorporates stud lock (PAT.)* In addition, GOTOH’s original FST feature (PAT.) between the saddle and ball end, keeps the strings from touching the plate. Because of them, the unit’s ability to return to tune when using the tremolo arm is significantly improved. The 510TS comes with the popular steel block as standard.

                *Stud lock (PAT.) system mechanically fixes the clearance between anchor and stud bolt, eliminating loss of sound transmission to the body.
                I know the old saying that the value of an opinion is generally inversely proportional to the strength with which it is held.