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NGD - oops I did it again. Charvel 3DR

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  • NGD - oops I did it again. Charvel 3DR

    Well I received this 3DR Tuesday. I've spent the past few days cleaning and polishing it. Today has been setup day. Setup on this on has been pretty straight forward considering I tuned to D standard and had to do some major trem spring adjustments. Hell, I didn't even have to adjust the truss rod as it had .010 relief at the 8th fret right out of the gate. It needed a few small parts that I had in my spares but I did have to order a switch tip for it. It has one of the best maintained JT-6's I've ever had. It's been played but whoever owned it in the past kept the screws and nuts replaced and every one of them is nice and snug. It's the first JT-6 I've ever had that I didn't have to replace at least a screw or two on.

    I'll post some better pictures of it this weekend if the weather cooperates. I've always wanted a black Model series guitar and this is the closest thing to that I've come across so far.

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    Man, Razor
    Great Save!

    I am glad she found a Good Home.

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      2021 acquisitions are off to a good start for Razor!


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        Originally posted by Number Of The Priest View Post
        2021 acquisitions are off to a good start for Razor!
        I had told myself no more guitars last year and then this one popped up on Goodwill and I just couldn't resist. It was pretty filthy but cleaned up nicely. Between this 3DR, a pistol and a rifle my 2021 has been off to a good start. Now if I can help my best friend find a Gunslinger I'll consider it complete...


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          Here are a few pictures of it from this afternoon.


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            very nice! love the reverse pointy and slanted single.

            jackson scores at goodwill are always the best


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              I was watching this auction at Goodwill. Glad it went to a good home.
              Current gear: Jackson Concert Ex, Charvel Fusion Custom


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                Great catch,!!!