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Modern equivalent of j-50, j-200 and je-1200

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  • Modern equivalent of j-50, j-200 and je-1200

    I'm looking into putting together a model 4 style guitar, and am looking into pickups and electronics. Are there any off the shelf pickups which are sound and feel like the old J-50's & J-200's, or mid boost circuits like the Je-1200? Or would it be best to just find some old ones?

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    the model four had the j-50bc and not the j-50b, right?

    the j-50bc is described as a paf with a ceramic magnet. I can attest that a dimarzio paf pro is significantly brighter than the j-50bc. I've got a dimarzio paf 35th coming that I'll compare soon. although the alnico magnet j-50b (without the "c") is described as a paf equivalent and thus should be well approximated by any paf-style pickup on the market, I'm not aware of any real equivalent to the ceramic magnet j-50bc.