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  • Please recommend a case

    New member here. I've owned a Model 2 since 1987 and just aquired my second Charvel, a Model 7 in great condition. However, it came with a completely inadequate case. Please recommend a case that will work, pointy non-reverse headstock and all, hopefully without breaking the bank.

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    is your new to you model 7 not reverse head stock?


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      The headstock is not reverse, it's pointed down just like my Model 2. It's unusual on a Model 7 but not unheard of, I've seen a couple others over the years. A case that works for any of the strat shaped models with this headstock will probably do the job, I'm just looking for suggestions for something that properly supports the neck in the case leaving room for the angle of the headstock.


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        Get the molded chainsaw case!


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          Im pretty sure it came with one of the tweed cases, both the model 6&7.
          And I think that is the only one that fits it correctly, I could be wrong .


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            A chainsaw case fit my old Model 6. I don't think the Model 7 will fit in one of those. I don't recall the Model 7 ever having a standard headstock, just reverse.
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