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Help me identify this Charvel pls

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  • Help me identify this Charvel pls

    This guy is from Abnegation and frankly this image first made me want a toothpaste logo Charvel. I think this is a fusion but which? I initially though Custom because I know it comes in the candy blue (also that’s the one I have). But upon closer inspection I can’t tell if it actually has three pickups or not. I know the image quality is 90s era but I hoped maybe some of you have better eyes? Much appreciated!

    edit: maybe a fusion special? The custom and deluxe would have j200r in the neck which don’t have pickup covers with a logo on them.
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    i'm thinking it's a fusion special...with the short scale i would think you would be able to see a little of the middle single coil but doesnt seem to be there in the i can't see a tone knob in the original pic either...i could be wrong though...d.m.
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