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Charvel Model 3A bridge question

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  • Charvel Model 3A bridge question

    Hello all,

    I recently acquired what I believe to be a 1987 Charvel Model 3A (Registered logo on headstock instead of trademark logo, 3A stamped in the neck pocket, serial #304807).

    One of my main questions is about the bridge. It's a very early Ibanez Edge licensed Floyd. The arm is snapped off in the arm cavity. My question is does anybody know the thread pitch of the arm? I'd like to try to tap & die this if possible.

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    With the Ibanez Edge, you should be able to push out the stuck piece from underneath. Open your trem cavity and push it out. If you need better access, severely slacken your strings, open your trem cavity, remove the springs, lift the bridge away from the body, and then push out the stuck piece from underneath.

    Here's a user on the Ibanez RG Series Fans group on Facebook who broke the arm on his RG550 (Ibanez Edge) and followed those exact instructions to remove the piece. You need to be a member of the group to see the thread, but here it is anyway: