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Charvel MEXICAN Serial number starting with CM

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  • Charvel MEXICAN Serial number starting with CM

    I just purchased what I thought to be a Mexican Charvel S0 Cal. It was listed as a "Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR 2008. The Neck Plate says made in mexiceo, and the serial number is CM000716. This guitar has a Charvel Neck with the truss rod adjustment in the neck-headstock (old style) It has a pick plate and I thought it was a So Cal, and was just mistakenly listed as a San Dimas. It has a volume knob, and the old style 3-way pickup selector. It has no tone knob, and it does NOT have the 5-way blade selector switch, and does NOT have the newer Thumb Wheel truss rod adjustment.

    It looks like a legitimate Mexican Charvel So Cal. I know the newer model serial numbers start with MC, NOT CM. Any help with this would be appreciated!

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    It looks like you are correct. Only the So Cal models have the scratch plate. Both 2008s have the 3-way toggle and one Vol. The serial numbers I have managed to look at on ones going on Reverb all start with 00 but no letters (CM etc.) but they are the USA made ones. I have searched Reverb for old ads for the Mexican ones to look at the serial numbers, but for some reason they are elusive.


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      Can you share some photos which would help us identify it for you?


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        Obviously not a 2008, as those were all USA at the time. They also came with DiMarzio pickups, not Duncans.
        That looks exactly like a 2013 So-Cal (first year of Mexico production).
        Every 2013 I've seen had a serial that started with MC13xxxx.
        It's possible the initial plates started with CM before switching to MC. Just guessing.

        Here's the Reverb link to the guitar he's talking about.
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          Interesting... found a listing from 3 years ago for a plate on Reverb that has the same numbering scheme.

          This one is CM000546.

          Here's CM001229

          So it's possible they started out that way... dunno.
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