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Swap advice: Pro-Mod Style 2 vs Desolation Soloist

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  • Swap advice: Pro-Mod Style 2 vs Desolation Soloist

    I've got the chance to trade my Pro-Mod Style 2 hardtail for a Desolation Soloist DX-1FR.

    I know that ultimately it comes down to how do they feel in my hands, but it's quite a long way to travel so I'm just seeing what people think before I agree to anything... any thoughts, people?

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    I myself would not trade. I never liked the desolation guitars at all, and was very disappointed that charvel would put there name on them.


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      I try to be an advocate for what you're describing, which is an unbiased evaluation of each guitar based on its individual merits. So, I hate to be a "country of manufacturing snob" but I would stick with the Mexican-made guitar almost every day of the week instead of trading for the Chinese-made guitar.

      If you entertained the trade, you're getting the shorter end of the stick, plus you make it sound like YOU have to travel to THE SELLER. Nope, I am not going anywhere to downgrade my guitar. I'd maybe travel if it was an upgrade.


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        I've decided not to go for the trade, for the reasons paranoid and Number Of The Priest have mentioned above... as Rsmacker pointed out when I texted him about it, it's not as if I'm unhappy with my Pro-Mod. Just a bit of 'Ooh, shiny!' GAS going on there, I think!