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Charvel San Dimas vs EVH Wolfgang Special?

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  • Charvel San Dimas vs EVH Wolfgang Special?

    A friend and I were having a debate last night over which guitar is better. I have a '98 Peavey Wolfgang that has been my #1 for 20 years, so I was obviously partial to a Wolfgang. I've also never played a Charvel, so I can't really speak from any experience there. I was curious what you guys think.

    These are the 2 specific ones we were comparing.

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    In an unbiased world, every guitar should be evaluated on its own merits and enjoyment factor.

    You say you own a 1998 Peavey Wolfgang, but the link you provided is for an EVH (parent company: Fender) Wolfgang.

    An EVH Wolfgang (like the one you linked) and a current generation Charvel San Dimas (like the one you linked) would be equivalent in build quality and country/factory of origin (Ensenada, Mexico). Even their parent company (Fender) is the same. The "better" guitar would be subjective.

    The similarities probably start diverging if you were truly talking about a Peavey Wolfgang, or any of the non-current, non-Mexican Charvel San Dimas models. Several other models and product ranges carried the "San Dimas" moniker in earlier years (not counting San Dimas era Charvel guitars of the 1980s):

    1990s: SD Series. They looked like Jackson PC1s with their Dinky bodies and 24 fret necks.
    2008-2009: USA Production Model Series.
    2010-2011: Japan Pro-Mod Series.


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      Its all about who's mama can beat up who's mama!


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        evh/wolfgang/axis look dumb