I think this is a Japanese Pro-Mod San Dimas Wildcard #4 (Dead Calm Aqua). My guess: Made in 2010 or 2011? Correct me if I am wrong.

At a quick glance I like the specs (typical of what I'd expect) except the trem is a FRTO2000 and the Dead Calm Aqua top might a decal, not a real quilted top...? Can anyone shed any light on these idiosyncrasies? Real maple top and OFR would have been nice.

CAD$549 (USD$433) + tax at a local consignment store. No case, and the store will not include one for the price. Original black whammy bar missing, but the store will include a chrome whammy bar that fits.

I think I already know the answer (pass on this guitar) which is why I wasn't going to post this topic, but then I saw the tasty video below and I'm now seeking opinions. Picture of the actual guitar is below too. Deal or no deal? Can't specifically find Wildcard #4s on eBay's Completed Listings, but a Wildcard #3 (damn that is just about a perfect-looking guitar) sold for $CAD1,296.52 + CAD$84.03 shipping, and a Wildcard #7 sold for $1,002.54 + CAD$79.46 shipping.