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  • Pup recomendations please

    I have a model 2 with an EMG and also a Jackson DK2M with EMG's. Just not warming up to them and both guitars play too nice to leave in their cases. I play mostly 80's metal through a Peavey 6505+. I am partial to Seymour Duncan's. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Got a Model 2 and have had a bunch of them.
    Also into 80's metal & neo-classical shred, never tried 6505+, but thru Marshall, Randal, Boogie and Eleven Racks.
    If you play slide guitar a lot, the Duncan Pearly Gates just nails it.

    Have tried bunches of different pups in M2's and always wind up with Jackson J90C's & 95A's. J95's are alnico, they have the same lazer type of attack of J90's, but sustain a little warmer for leads to me.
    Original J95's getting a lil rare out there, gotta be fast on ebay when they show up.

    Spoke with "MJ" at Duncan once, said she knew the J95's very well from back in the day, custom shop price for it wasn't bad at all.

    Jackson Electronics got is right from day one!
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      For starters I'd like to ask what setup in bridge and neck you have with which EMGs
      (keep in mind you're gonna have to replace all pots from 50/25 to 500/250 as well)
      You can swap EMGs positions to try a cheap solution

      As for passive p'ups
      I'd venture the Basswood model 2 would be a bit more finicky to get the right P'up for

      I'd say start off with a few 'sure' guesses
      Dimarzio Super Distortion, Evolution (Evo2), Tone Zone in the bridge, Super 2, PAF in the neck
      Seymour Duncan Custom(5), JB in the bridge, 59, Pearly Gates, Jazz in the neck

      Experimentation is the key, with that 6505+ you can get away with installing a set of SD Alnico 2's and still be able to rip off a few heads in the front row
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        Bridge - Custom or Custom/59 Hybrid.
        Neck - 59 for woodier tone, jazz for rounder/beefy tone.
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          Thanks everyone. I think I am going to call Duncan and get a remake of the J95A.


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            Duncan Distortion works well in a model 2 as does the custom 5 or a 59.
            J 90-C is perfect in them IMO.
            I have an old 70's DiMarzio Super D in one and it sounds fantastic.
            Really? well screw Mark Twain.


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              Originally posted by straycat View Post
              J 90-C is perfect in them IMO.
              Good to see another believer in that pup, it's a proven work horse!


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                Originally posted by outlawten5 View Post
                Thanks everyone. I think I am going to call Duncan and get a remake of the J95A.
                Let me know how it goes.


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                  I'm goint to put a Duncan Distortion in it while I wait for the J95A. I have an old one in a model 5 and like it. And I think I am leaning towards JB and Jazz in the DK2M.
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                    You also may want to consider the Dimarzio Super Distortion(High output,crunchy tone,nice harmonics)...just sayin.


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                      Thread on Seymour Duncan forum says we should all replace our amps and get Mesa's if we use EMG's


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                        Originally posted by DonP View Post
                        Thread on Seymour Duncan forum says we should all replace our amps and get Mesa's if we use EMG's
                        Oddly enough, I use Mesa on my modeler quite often.
                        I am more of a stock pickup guy, but if something needs replaced I typically go EMG.



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                          I thought I should mention how good the EVH Frank sounds in the bridge position of my M3. I think the bridge pups on the Model series are placed a little further away from the bridge than usual, but I'm not sure why or if it makes any difference.

                          I'm using the original 500K volume pot, and to me it sounds like a classic Gibson pup. The guitar is very resonant and it just sings and growls perfectly. I really couldn't ask for anything more. I've heard rumors that this pup was actually manufactured by SD for EVH, but who knows. I've had good luck with the SD Full Shred in Model series guitars, as well as distortion pups. I did NOT like the JB.