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NGD: Charvel 625 C MBK Acoustic/Electric!

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  • NGD: Charvel 625 C MBK Acoustic/Electric!

    Got this older model Charvel acoustic from a guy on CL and have finally got it ready to showcase!

    She was in much rougher shape than my initial inspection led me to believe. All I noticed were a few minor dings and the usual scratches.

    I had to do some repairs to an internal brace at the butt of the guitar (where the output jack is mounted) because it had broken loose. The jack itself was the only thing holding it to the guitar. I got that all glued back into place.

    The next problem was a bigger one to deal with. The seam on the back (near where the above brace is located) had separated. I re-glued it as well, but it's not quite right, so I may glue and clamp again later. It's much better now though.

    I did some minor fret work on her, as the frets were pretty worn in the first few frets. Nothing too major there, as I don't really have all the tools to do a good full fret job, but got her quite playable at least.

    I redid the electronics, as nothing was working. New output jack, new piezo pickup, and re-soldering on the preamp, and she's sounding great now.

    Lastly, I installed a bone nut and bone bridge pins with abalone dots.

    The only thing I still need to find is the correct saddle for her. Its an uncommonly thick saddle, just a bit under 1/4" thick. It's got some weird soft wood saddle in there now, which works, but a good bone or Tusq saddle would be MUCH better!

    I LOVE the cutaway with the extended fretboard. It's cool to have a full 24 frets on an acoustic! Plus the abalone inlays and the gold mother-of-pearl logo are beautiful!

    All-in-all, I'm really happy with this one!

    My Gear: Carvin California CT6, Line 6 POD HD
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    Hey, that's nice, congrats. I've always wondered were those any good. Nice job on the bone nut, that's where the TONE is
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      nice work sorting out her problems. haven't seen one of those in a long time
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        Thanks guys. From the limited information I have found, this is supposedly an "entry-level" guitar. Feels much better than that, and looks better too with the abalone and binding and such.

        Does anyone know where I can get a correct sized saddle for it though?
        My Gear: Carvin California CT6, Line 6 POD HD
        "You are dog shit in my shoe." -Newc


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          Cool guitar! I used to have the 625; it was lacking the extended fretboard and the electric capability, but other than that and the color, it was pretty much the same as yours.

          I've seen them hit CL around here every once and a while, but although I've considered it for nostalgia's sake, I haven't picked one up.