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Is this a 275 Charvel

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  • Is this a 275 Charvel

    I have a Model 2, 3 and 4. How do these compare? Looks like the HB has been changed out.

    A guy has one for sale that I know.

    $300 a good price?

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    Looks like a modded 275 to me so I think you nailed it. As you mentioned, there is a mod to the bridge hum. There is also a non-original bridge added. The original configuration is similar on the Avenger that came with two slanted singles in the bridge position and a single locking trem. I prefer these types of modifications on these models but I think they added the wrong type of bridge on this one. These came with a recess for pull up but the replaced bridge doesn't fit the trem route correctly so it doesn't look like the trem will pull up with this bridge. With that said, I think $300 is too much for this one.

    To the comparison between the earlier model series, there are a few differences like different body styles (full strat vs. dinky), recessed trem route but I think the necks are similar and I feel the playability is similar.