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  • Model 88 truths

    Ok is this true?

    1988 Charvel Model 88 guitar. It is extremely rare as only about 1000 were made. Apparently, a factory fire destroyed 800 body blanks leaving only about 200 randomly numbered African Ribbon Mahogany bodies.

    Is this true or just bunk on the sellers part.

    I have been around for a very long time and this is the first time I have heard of this.

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    I've never heard that either. I think the seller is trying to pump up the price a bit.
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      Look at the bin--lol...


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        I think the seller has a vivid imagination..


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          Absolutely false...or at least I've never heard of it.

          There was a very small website that had a registry.
          Whoever set it up had all the info I could ever get on the 88's, and that certainly never came up.

          1,000 made, 500 Japanese market only, 500 "Export" to Europe and US.
          Mine is number 04XX.
          I have seen numbers ranging from 01XX to high 4's, so that sequential scheme
          demonstrates the seller is mislead.

          I've wondered why they don't command more money and some seem to get flipped rather quickly.
          I think it's due to the fact they are heavy bodies.
          Takes some getting used to and tough to wear on the shoulder for very long.

          I'm an old fugger, sit-down player so it doesn't bother me.

          I'd pay up to 600 for another one but I'm not in the market.
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            The "Riverhead sound research" guitar he's selling also had the factory mysteriously burned down ....
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              Are the inlays MOP or MOTO on these?
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                they must have good dope in his town


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                  Originally posted by hellbat View Post
                  are the inlays mop or moto on these?


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                    Amazing what people will come up with to seel something. For that price that thing should be near mint condition or mint condition with all the case candy and cards etc. I bought mine new in 88 for a thousand bucks my store discount(employee). so his price is out of line for it's shape.