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USA BC Rich ST III - what is the body wood?

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  • USA BC Rich ST III - what is the body wood?

    Just got another one. I thought I read it was mahogany, but just wondering.


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    Did you buy the red crackle that was on ebay?

    I thought they were alder or sometimes maple.

    Edit: I had bought one earlier this year and the fretwork on these things is just terrible. there were about 12 frets coming out of the fret board, and when I asked the BC Rich junkies on FB if this was normal and the answer I got was pretty much, Yes, most of them have to have the frets glued back in the board after about 25 years. Hopefully yours is better! I've pretty much sworn off of BC Rich after that. I figured a good USA made guitar wouldn't have serious issues like that. I'll keep my Chuck Schuldiner stealth tho, that thing is amazing.
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      Mine was found in a Flea Market. It's a Lightning Sky.

      The bad - a broken and repaired headstock. Not too bad, but could used some sanding of the repair area.

      The good - They were asking $200. I got them down to $195 with a gig bag.

      The odd - it has the popular Ibanez trem. I have one other ST-III and it has the Tak trem you normally see. I guess it's an earlier one?

      I've been hunting for a replacement USA neck. I guess these are few and far between.

      I'm not the most knowledgeable BCR guy, but I might had read (falsely) the bodies on USA Gunslingers and ST-III's were mahogany. Who knows. Both of mine sound the same (stock pickups). I think they come with a DiMarzio PAF Pro in the bridge?
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