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  • Collings Guitars

    Never heard of em. Was on the road with some downtime and popped into a place in ATL. They had a few.

    Grain of salt- played one (a City Limits) for a minute or two not plugged in, listening to the sales guy’s description so hardly a real demo- but I can say without hesitation top 10 guitars I’ve handled in my life.

    if you see one hanging somewhere, try it. Felt like every bit of what they’re charging.

    Place is called Maple Street Guitars btw. They also had a 1992 LP black beauty for $2200. It’s got a neck repair but again, I handled it and they did a very nice job getting it back to healthy. If I was in the market for one I’d have hit it. If you’re looking for one, I handled it and I think you’ll be happy at that price for the shape it’s in.

    all their inventory including used is on their site if you want to check it out.

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    I jammed a couple times with a guy who had a Collings electric. Not sure the model name,
    but it resembled a LP Special. Great guitar, impressive craftsmanship. He was a good player, so that helped!

    My wife was looking at a Collings acoustic a few years back, and would have bought it, but the
    price was out of her range...


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      Years ago I was in Laguna Beach CA and stopped in a small guitar store to kill some time and they had a used Collings acoustic on the wall with no price tag (and at the time I had never heard of them). After playing it for a while and being very impressed with it, I thought maybe I should try to get this and walked up to the counter to ask the price. After the guy said $5000 I very carefully walked back and put it back where I found it!


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        Collings makes great guitars, but they better be for how much they cost. lol. I've played several acoustics over the years and was pretty impressed. Not sure I would spend the money for one, but it was nice to pick up and hear it for a bit.