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  • New Jake E Lee Parts Guitar

    I always wanted a Jake E Lee white Charvel and started getting parts together back in '08. After several years of collecting parts I was unable to put it together due to moves, life etc. I didn't stay true to his specs on some parts. Some parts like the pickups and others I used what I had on hand rather than getting the same ones he used. I still have quite a bit to do but I'm pretty stoked as to how it has turned out so far.

    Originally I was going to go cheap with a squier bullet body and things ended up getting out of hand.

    I ended up using a Robert Cray MIM hardtail for the body. It still needs to be color sanded and polished but I couldn't wait any longer.
    The pickguard and headstock decal I purchased from Monster Guitar Shop
    The pickups are Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker in the bridge and Duncan SVR-1 Vintage Rails in the middle and neck
    Master volume and 5 way with Iron Age kill switch
    Neck is Warmoth walnut neck with ebony fretboard, abalone dot inlays, SS jumbo frets and Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL Nut
    Gotoh locking tuners with mini pearl buttons
    Marvel strap locks
    Fender Hardtail bridge with SS saddles. I had a black bridge but spacing was wrong.

    I still need to install the roller string trees, sand and finish the back of the neck, shim the neck as action is too low and adjustment screws are out of travel. I just have to stop playing it long enough to tear it back down and finish it.

    I couldn't be happier with the way it sounds, looks and plays although it is HEAVY compared to my other strats. The dimebucker in the bridge screams as I figured it would. The neck pickup was a big surprise as it sounds awesome. The middle pickup by itself sounds ok but in combination with the neck and bridge sounds pretty good.


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    Looks convincing at first glance as long as you don't turn around with it.
    "Artists should be free to spend their days mastering their craft so that working people can toil away in a more beautiful world."
    - Ken M


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      Love it! That walnut neck is superb, and the tuners look great with the white finish.
      Great job!


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        I like that one!! Sweet.