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  • Advice on cheap pos

    So many moons ago, around 86 or so I bought my first new guitar, A BC Rich Rave.. right when they first came out.

    Being a poor boy I hot rodded it the best I could and made a mess at the same time, stuck a cheap floyd on it, stripped the neck etc.

    I saw one for sale the other day dirt cheap and felt nostalgic and bought it. Sanded the neck down today, ordered a floyd.. pick up spunds good, the pots are junk so I'm gonna redo the electronics.

    Recomendations on a good hot pot for vol and tone? Cap? wiring secrets? Its a single humbucker so it should be simple, I just want it pretty hot.
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    Ive got a white one. Single hum v-trem. Its heavy as hell, plywood, I believe. Sounds good for what it is. Hot pickup. Your neck was painted too?

    Mine looks like this one

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      matches your minivan


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        I have a white syermore jb that would look sweet in that.
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          Originally posted by LaoWai View Post
          matches your minivan
          Its actually not my pic. I stole it off the web. LOL.