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Scalloped Neck anyone?

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    Too cool to hear so many people wishing to own one like I do!

    Originally posted by jgcable View Post
    Bottom line, a scalloped fretboard isn't going to improve any aspect of your playing.
    Indeed... Would be cool if you could play as fast as YJM just by grabbing one!

    Originally posted by jgcable View Post
    The big drawbacks... and having to dial my amps in differently for the stacked single coil sized humbuckers because all my other guitars had traditional humbuckers.
    For me, I don't see this as a drawback, as I always wanted to own a Strat to have a guitar will single coils, to get that special Strat tone.

    Originally posted by Larz View Post
    Make sure you strap lock it when you whip it over your shoulder
    Note taken!
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      I have an 89 Rhoads that's factory scalloped from the 12-22 frets. I really don't notice a huge difference compared to non-scalloped really. I did try a YJM Strat in a store once and the scallops on it were quite deep. In fact to the point that I think it hindered my playing rather than helped it.