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What to buy and when - lefty issue

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  • What to buy and when - lefty issue

    As a lefty, I'm one of many who are left repeatedly frustrated by the lack of choice available.

    My conundrum.... the guitar I want and the guitar I've set my heart on is a Pro-Mod San Dimas.

    I want this guitar because I specifically want the JB/59 combo and direct wood mount pick ups and Floyd Rose.

    What's the problem you ask? Well the only choice I have is an open grain, satin black Sassafras body, which I don't like at all.

    I've contacted Charvel customer service asking whether they plan to revise the colour and finish choices for next year and they would not share any info.

    I'd like a white one with maple board, but that would mean getting the So-Cal - but I don't want the pick guard or suspended pickups, nor the SD Distortions.

    And why oh why can't they all have the DK24 heal joint?

    So, do I buy a So-Cal and replace the picks ups, remove the pick guard and rout for wood mount - sounds like too much work, or buy a San Dimas and strip, grain fill and refinish it in my preferred colour, but then have an odd-ball with reduced resale?

    Or, do I wait to see what the 2022 line up looks like before deciding, and if so, when do Charvel normally announce the next year line up?

    What to do?
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    Hmm. Delicate dilemma.

    Like you stated, modding the SoCal will be too much work, and will never look good without the 'guard.

    Having the ash body of the SD grain filled and refinished sounds like a more reasonable project, but it will cost money to get it done professionally; an investment you will not get back.

    I cast my vote for waiting, and meanwhile see if you can find anything in the used market to tide you over until a more desirable finish becomes available for the SD.