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Identify this guitar: 1989 750xl?

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  • Identify this guitar: 1989 750xl?

    Hi all,

    I'm brand new to this forum and joined specifically to seek your expertise in identifying a "Toothpaste" logo Charvel. I haven't seen this guitar in person - only these pics. I'm trying to identify it for a friend of a friend who recently lost her husband and isn't quite sure what he left behind.

    Based on these online resources, I believe this is a 1989 750xl:

    The serial number is C900562 and she confirms it is a 24.75 scale

    What I see:
    • Arch top
    • Set neck (I assume - it's a solid color so I suppose it could be neck-thru)
    • Toothpaste logo
    • Inverted neck inlays
    • 2 x HB
    • Recessed vol/tone knobs and trem route
    • Magenta color
    These all appear to perfectly match what is described in the Charvel 1989 catalogue and the Audiozone link above (the serial # fits perfectly into the Audiozone list, too)

    I would call it case closed but I'm not an expert in Charvel/Jackson and she has someone else telling her that it's not a 750xl and is instead a Chinese model.

    Can anyone confirm one way or another?

    Many thanks!!
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    I have never seen 1 in this colour but I can confirm that the guitar in the picture is a 750XL.

    If someone is trying to tell something else they are trying to get a great guitar for a good price or trying to flip it or just dont know what they are talking about.
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      They came in magenta

      Click image for larger version

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      I know the old saying that the value of an opinion is generally inversely proportional to the strength with which it is held.


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        Many thanks to you both!