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Jackson 7 strings?

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  • Jackson 7 strings?

    Sorry, I can't decide which forum to put this in. I've been on an old Savatage kick (power of the night, gutter ballet, etc) and some of their best songs are tuned down a full step then drop C from there.

    My question is this - would a 7 string be a possible way to deal with this tuning? I know the lowest string is tuned to B, so it wouldn't be perfect. I'm debating between re-setting up a guitar to be down a full step then drop to C, or getting a 7 string and tuning it up.

    I don't know, just using a 6 detuned seems like the better solution, but maybe some of the 7 string guys here have some experience or input?

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    Drop C is a pretty standard modern metal tuning, you wouldn't need a 7 string for it.


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      so the main problem would be that there isn't a lot of variety of 7-string string sets. most are either .009-.052 or .010-.056 or some approximation thereof. a .052 or .056 would work out pretty good for the low C string, but the higher strings would be way too tight (IMO) because they'd be a step-and-a-half higher than the normal BEADGBe tuning they were meant for. so your only real option for the set-up you're describing on a 7-string would be to buy a 6-string string set which works well for drop-C (of which there are plenty) then buy a single extra string for the high g string (something like an .0085 might work okay). pretty newfangled. I'd just get the 6-string.


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        apparently my post didn't go live the other day. if I remember correctly, it was user error, not site issues (this time).
        Nor am I going to type it again. But, basically, I echo what was said above - tuning up would put too much tension on the neck.

        Maybe you could get a baritone scale guitar, and use a capo instead of tuning up. But, I say just do it the way it was done - 6 strings tuned down.

        *just be aware that certain tremolos don't allow proper intonation of thicker (probably tuned lower) strings.