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    Originally posted by CaptNasty View Post
    Have you tried taking the guitar to an Authorized Jackson Repair Center? You won’t be eligible for warranty repair, but you can pay them to do repairs and they might actually be able to source the part.
    I've contacted several and even talked with Fender directly.
    The answer is the same... no out of warranty replacements for sustainer components, even if you're willing to pay. They simply don't have them in inventory.
    I talked with Duryee Knotts LLC and they make them in batches. No excess inventory.
    When Jackson has to warranty repair/replace one, it comes out of production inventory.
    They send the defective one back to the manufacturer.



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      Hi Rick, this is exactly what I have found from Jackson both the UK and in the USA. It is so frustrating considering the high cost of buying a new PC-1 and the lack of customer support. I am a firm Jackson fan and have a number of their guitars, but the aftermarket support is very poor. When ever I have had a issue or wanted advice from Gibson, they have always been great and great helpful. Shame Jackson don't take the same approach to aftermarket support for loyal customers. Anyway, that's my rant over with, I still love the guitar and am just waiting for Hard Driver to get their system on the open market