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Cool video of early Jackson & Charvel guitars

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  • Cool video of early Jackson & Charvel guitars

    I imagine this has probably been posted here but I didn't find it with a search.
    And even if it has, well, just in case here is a link

    He also has a several more videos about Jackson's on his You-tube page
    I put links to the interesting ones a few posts below.
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    "Heyyy, it's your friend Keith here at Essex Recording Studios, JUST OUTSIDE London" :-)
    I love his channel, some people hate him, I think it's documenting a lot of awesome guitars!


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      The internet hates Essex Recording Studios the way concert lovers detest concert ticket scalpers. They also have a history of misrepresenting the condition of their merchandise in their listings, and when they are called out on this, they react unprofessionally, throwing tantrums akin to a toddler. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      Nobody in England ever says "London in England". I'm English-born and we don't say that. We would simply say, "London, England". Come to think of it, nobody ever says "Rome in Italy, Paris in France, Tokyo in Japan", Rio de Janeiro in Brazil". Nobody ever says the "in" part.


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        Essex Recording Studios is also known for ridiculously pricing their instruments.


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          So they're not cool early Jackson and Charvel guitars in the video ?


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            They are. The impression I get is that these aren't his personal guitars nor his inventory, and this probably isn't a video being linked in his Reverb ads for the express purpose of selling a specific guitar for an immense markup, so maybe I shouldn't fault this one video or some other videos where he showcases other people's guitars.

            I can't deny his Youtube channel has copious amounts of guitar porn, which is fine if you watch it while simultaneously emotionally detaching yourself from his questionable selling practices. For me though, knowing his scheming ways makes it difficult to enjoy the videos because I have a bias.

            When I first replied directly below alessandro who said "some people hate him", I simply could not resist taking that sentiment and further derailing the thread, for which I apologize.
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              Certainly no need to apologize....
              I was unaware the uploader even sold guitars.
              I found the video while searching for info on a RR5.
              That led me to a video about some very early "Double Rhoads" guitars, which led me to some rarer Jackson owned by guy in Cambridge England which led me to the collection in Switzerland that I thought I would share... the first soloist, the evolution of the pointy headstock, Steve Stevens guitar with the skull themed tuners etc.
              I thought it was cool Jackson/Charvel background and thought others might enjoy knowing more than they already do about the guitars.
              I wasn't trying to upset people.
              I'M sorry I touched a sore spot.

              I checked out his page... 198 Jackson videos... I went through and picked out the 5 of interest to me.
              The rest seem to be individual guitars that most likely are/were for sale, I didn't bother with those.

              first Kelly 00029 plus Tele 00025

              1982 NAMM Rhoads prototype

              Jackson V serial # 00001

              First Double Rhoads

              Rob Logan's collection
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