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Not sure what this is, any help?

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  • Not sure what this is, any help?

    Just talked to a guy about a guitar that at least has a Charvel neck, but I don't see a body just like this.
    Closest I've found is a 275,, but the switches seem different.
    He bought it at auction for cheap and doesn't really know anything beyond he thinks it is a Charvel and has a Gotoh Floyd bridge.
    but told me he knows nothing about Charvels.
    He thought it was an 84 to begin.
    I can spot a little flame on the top, and I see the missing truss rod cover and blocks and screws for the nut...
    I already mentioned the Gotoh Bridge, and there are EMG's... He says he thinks the bridge pickup is also an EMG.
    That's what I got to go on.
    Anything else I should be looking at/for?
    I am supposed to go look at it after work, but is about an hour 1 way, so a 2 1/2 round trip probably.
    Needless to say, I don't want to make the trip for something that isn't "real"
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Here's the few pics from the ad.

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    Model 4M neck, but not a Charvel body.
    You can see a gap in the first pic where the neck meets the body by the low E string.
    The pocket was obviously modified (poorly) to fit the Charvel neck.

    Just a parts mutt.


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      The bridge pickup also has a horrible routing job. I'd stay away.
      I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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        When I was doing my daily "deal hunting" search this morning, I saw that guitar listed on Maine Craigslist. It's listed at $200.

        Bring him down to $100 and you've got a nice Model 4M neck (in the Model Series, maple fretboard with factory locking nut is not as commonly seen as rosewood fretboards; label it "rare" or "desirable" if you are so inclined) and Gotoh GE1996T (a great trem) for the price and you can build a superior mutt if you separately source a proper Charvel body (Model Series or Pro-Mod suggested). That's if you're willing to make the 2.5h roundtrip.

        Otherwise, for $200, not worth pursuing, and definitely not worth your gas and time.
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          Thanks for the answers guys...
          He came down to $120, but I was at Band practice by that time and passed was just unsure what was what.
          I probably should have gotten it at that price just for the parts, but by the time practice was over, I wouldn't have gotten home before midnight.
          Still curious what the body is. It has some decent flame.